Wednesday, July 18, 2012

There are so many things about Florida that I love!!! 
and One of them is The Beach!

Last week Momma decided that we should take the Day off, and head to the beach for the Afternoon.
Naturally we weren't apposed to this Grand Idea, :) and quickly got our things together. 
I'm so thankful to the Lord for these times with my Family, and For the Love that he has for us, to create such beauty and Splendor for our Enjoyment!

Here are some Pix of our afternoon..

Love~ Mariah Elizabeth Campana

Gabby...Don't you just love her Hat and Glasses?!


Ahhh...Such Pleasure! :)


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Giveaways Galore! :)

I don't know about you...But I am So a Freebie and Giveaway person!

Sometimes it really does pay off though...Like I told one of my Dear Friends once: "Kels Freebies have saved my Life more than Once!"

Any way my sweet friend Amy is having quite a few Giveaways this week, and you should really check them out!...I mean you never know when they might "SAVE YOUR LIFE". :)
Here are some of the things you could Win...

Love ~M.E.

 I Really LOVE this one :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blog Giveaway!

Hey Ya'll,
One of my Sweet Friends Amy (From a heart surrendered is having a GREAT Giveaway sponsored by "Niki Lynn Jewelry"  

She has some Really neat things in her Shop, and the Winner will receive a $15.00 gift certificate! 

This is one of my Favorite things from her Shop!

Mariah Campana

Source: via Mariah on Pinterest

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mint popcorn balls!

Hello My dear Reader!
Hope this post finds you well.
The Other day, Gracia and I decided to make a little snack for the three of us at home.
Pop Corn Balls, are one of our Favorites when ever Marshmallows are at our Disposal!!!
They're a fun snack and easy to make!!! Much like Rice crispy treats...but instead of Pop'ed rice you use Popcorn...Catching on? :)


1 bag of Marshmallows 

7 Cups of pop Corn (on estimate )

and lastly, about  3 TBS of butter

Together we Pop'ed our Popcorn, and proceeded to melt our Marshmallows,
I brought the pan over to the table so we could get ready to poor the pop corn in.
As I stirred, Frankie sat over the pot with great anticipation, waiting for the Final result!
After we added the Popcorn, we stopped to taste our treat...That was when I tasted it!!!
"do you taste root beer?..." I said to Frankie and Gracia.
 " paste...?" then the flavor finally made sense to my little taste buds...!
"GUM... that's it... that's what I Taste!"...It was at that very moment Frankie looked up to me in horror, and said...

"MY GUM!...WHERE IS IT?.. He looked around for it, but there was no sign.

Ahhh, That my Friend's is  family life at it's best!!
And Me, one of those people who Love, LOVES mint with a passion, Was so richly blessed with a Brother who Knows what I want, in the drop of a mouth! Even before I ask...Now I tell you who could ask for more.
I LOVE YOU my Dear Little Frankie!!!
and My Sweet little Gracie!!!
and Thank God for the joy you bring to my Life!
Until next time..

Yours Truly

~Mariah Campana

My Ham #1

and #2

And The Final Result!
(if you look deeply, you can see a tint of green J.K. :)

Friday, July 6, 2012


Sweet Sixteen... that's Me! (now)
Last week was my Birthday...And I had such a good one!

On Friday My dear Mother and Sisters Planned a Surprise Party for me!
All my friends Came over and well Surprised me... sort of...( Its hard for me to admit, but I found out :( )
The whole day I was surrounded by all (well most) of my dear sisters in Christ!
What a Joy.

And On Tuesday (the day after my B-day)
My Family and I went to the Movie theater! and had such Fun!

Oh God is so good! and he has blessed me in SO many ways!

Much Love~ ME

Here's a Picture of me, and My Awesome present!
Isn't it Cute? I LOVE it :)...PURPLE <3

Thursday, July 5, 2012

It Shan't be lonely any longer!

Hello Dear Readers!
This poor neglected blog has been alone to long! 
And "It Shan't any longer"! :)

Life has been busy and I've been Lazy...(as far as blogging goes:)
But hold me to my word, that I might try to the Best of my ability to not let it go, like I did before.
I hope to never write a post of regret again.:)
...Great now I'm really bound...
But you get what I mean I'm sure...

So what do you think? I mean of my blog title, and the look? Let me Know.
I'm not all together sure weather I like it or not...and I needs a few adjustments...But it will do for now, and time will tell if it "Sticks" :)

Hope you enjoy the posts to come!
And have a Wonderful evening.

Love~ Me