Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hello Everyone,
Last Sunday we threw an Anniversary/Birthday party for Mr. and Mrs. Willer, during that time I Was able to snap some Pictures of Some of the Adorable Children in our Fellowship!!!
Don't take me wrong, I think every child in our Fellowship Is ADORABLE!!
But these are the ones We chose.
The Editing was done By my "Super Sister" Alyssa!
We worked together on what we thought looked best...Didn't She do an Amazing Job?
Couldn't of done it with out ya sis!
~Mariah Elizabeth

Abigail B. Isn't she A gorgeous Child!? :)

My very own Brother! 


Boaz O. and Frankie

This is my Little buddy Prov. :)

Jackson...I love this one of him!

This one is Our #1 Favorite Picture!!!!
Momma, Alyssa and I all agree. :)

My sweet Sister Gracia Lookin' at "D" Fishys


And his Cute little Cup Cake of a sister!
"I just wanna dunk her in my Coffee!"-Quote

That's all for now ....


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<3 M.E.