Thursday, October 18, 2012

I am Back!

Hello all my dear friends,
ah it feels like forever! Life has been so busy... there hasn't been anytime to entertain my sweet guests at the blog party. :)
Last Thursday my dear aunt came in town, and all us girls headed down to west palm beach and stayed in a hotel on the ocean! We had such a wonderful time...and I am so thankful to the lord for those precious bonding times with my dear mother aunt and sisters!
But alas that is not two days we are leaving for Texas! 
No greater joy is putting on a conference and our family is ecstatic. :)

Now I know we havent had time to post lately,  so we have decided to exstend the party, and go on untill november!

but enough its time to move on to the party!

Because autumn is a time of smells. And fun festivitys...its one of my goals to try and make our home smell pleasant and enviting.
Ideally I would love to bake apple pies and pumkin bread all day long...but as you isn't always like that. :)
So one of my favorite things to do is gather up all of our fun spices like cinnamon nutmeg allspice and cloves And trow them into a small pot of boiling water and let it simmer throughout the day... after an hour or so,  you'll be smelling cinnamon all through out the house! And it givest hat warm comforting smell of fall we all love! There's not precise amount of spices... this is something you can be creative with...last time I added a tea bag which really made things smell sweet...but I will say, be sure to check it every now and than and add more water.:) 
Hope you'll try it! 

Thanks for stopping in !
~ Mariah

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