Monday, August 27, 2012

"Journal entry" for lamplighter summer reading challenge:

Hey Ya'll,
The lamplighter summer reading challenge is coming to an end!! :(
It was so much fun to join. and I hope we can do it again next year! is a "journal entrie" I wrote to earn extra  points..."The Three Weavers" is an Awesome book I would encourage you ALL to read! thanks to my dearest friend Melody I was able to barrow it, and glean from its beautiful message! <3


"The Three Weavers".
 A short tale with a message that you will always remember!
 I read this one afternoon, and was so greatly encouraged to keep my heart pure. and trust my heavenly, and earthly father to know what is best! As girls we need to be careful not to give our special gift of purity away to others before our True prince comes along. this is a great reminder to listen to our Fathers instruction, and to trust them with our hearts!
A must read for every little girl!

~Mariah Campana~

The Three Weavers, llustrated

The Three Weavers


  1. Yeah, the Three Weavers was a great book- short and sweet with a powerful message!

    Don't you just love those illustrations??? Jen Brandon is awesome!!

    1. I know!! they are so pretty!

      Now I want the illustrated version! :)

  2. I LOVE that book! It is nice how you can read it in one sitting so that you can read it to little girls!


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