Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lego Entry!

 You all know them, Love them, and Grew up with them!
Those toys no kid can stay away from.
But my dear reader,  It pains me to say that I haven't really  sat down to play with Lego's in a while! 
Yeah sure, here and there I'll sit down to  play with Frankie. and I always love seeing what new creations the kids have built. and I  get such pleasure in seeing what new mini figures the Sib's have brought home!
But I just haven't sat down to create something of my own! :)
 Well Last month, as some of you may know, my dear siblings had a lego Contest over at their blog, Naturally I did not participate, being a sibling and all,
 But this Month I was happy yo find that Melody decided to host here very own as well! 
Naturally I couldn't pass up such a fun opportunity. :)
So I did it!!!
I played with LEGO'S!!!
How I love the adorable piece's of plastic...and will, forever more. :)

So here it is folks...My very own creation!

I decided to do a movie scene for my entry, this is from the movie:


Now my friends, I encourage you...Go off and play  with LEGO'S!!!

Love M.E.


  1. Ha ha... love the background :-)

  2. That second picture is awesome. :)
    I awarded you over at my blog.


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